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Tapping the webcam icon displays the list of available webcams. Tap the webcam name to open webcam live view.

Webcam Live View

The webcam live view screen has the following options:


  • Select Webcam – Select from different webcams connected to the PC.
  • Motion Detection – Click to enable / disable motion detection. When motion is detected, recording will start automatically and a clip will be saved in the Webcam folder. Button turns red when motion detection is on. Tap again to turn off motion detection.
  • Record – Click to record a clip; it will be saved it to the Webcam folder. Button turns into a red square when recording. Tap again to stop recording.
  • Take Snapshot – Click to take a snapshot; it will be saved to the Webcam folder.
  • Archives – Recordings and snapshots are shown here - tap an item to view it.





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