Remote desktop

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Tapping the remote desktop icon displays the list of available hosts.


Remote Desktop Gestures

Gestures and buttons for Android mobile devices are introduced in this section.

  • One Finger Hold – Shows buttons for mouse right click and the on screen keyboard.
  • Disconnect Session – Disconnect remote desktop session.
  • Virtual Mouse – Show virtual mouse with mouse, keyboard and navigation functions.
  • Extended Keyboard – Show keyboard with additional function keys.
  • Help – Show help legend screens.


  • Two Finger Pinch – Pinch fingers outwards and inwards to zoom in and out.
  • Two Finger Tap – Show toolbar with buttons for Disconnect Session, Virtual Mouse, Extended Keyboard and Help.


Virtual Mouse

The virtual mouse has mouse and keyboard functions as well as these advanced functions:

  • Mouse Left Click – Drag within the circle to move mouse. Tap to click. Hold down to drag.
  • Page Scroll – Press and slide up/down to scroll the page or window.
  • Fit to Screen – Fit the remote desktop window to the device screen.
  • Extended Keyboard – Show keyboard with additional function keys.


Extended Keyboard

The extended keyboard has additional function, navigation and Windows keys.



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